Thank you to all of our wonderful and talented auditionees for coming out to sing for us! After almost 200 auditions, the following people have received a callback:


Sarah Rossy

Aanya Sagheer

Tasha Kara

Elena Samuel

Ali Gellman

Claire Peng

Allie Hecht

Mona Li

Sophie Mishara

Megan White

Anna Magidson

Gary Tom

Hrishov Sarker

Sam Coxon

Thomas Burton

Eric Lee

Gordy Noel

Kaz Takasugi

Tavo Dam


Congratulations! Our callbacks will take place on Thursday, September 19 from 8:00-10:00PM. Meet in the lobby of the new music building (555 Sherbrooke). In the meantime, if you received a callback, please respond to the email you received from to confirm that you can come on Thursday!